Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just a few more days to go...

I'm back again! Today is a public holiday for selangor. I took the opportunity to settle my bank acount at MAybank and after that straight away went to IKEA to look for photo frames to beautify my office.
Managed to get what I wanted and straight away I headed home.
Tomorrow I will ask help from the duty teachers to help me get the work done. School holidays are the time I have to give a little more focus to the office. Just bought some deco but I still feel the office needs a little bit more touch!
As from today, I have less than a month to start moving to my new office in the secondary school. After 3 years serving as the vice principal in the primary school. Rasa sayang yang teramat sangat: dengan cikgu2 dia, dengan murid2 dia dan dengan pengalaman yang dikutip sepanjang berkhidmat di sekolah rendah.
Memang banyak pahit manis yang saya kutip sepanjang berada di sini, namun biarlah menjadi kenangan saya seorang.
Just about to miss all the good things in the primary school. Itu tak masuk the bunch of joy from the small kids such as Jared, Ryan Chen, Hemila, Ilham,all 5D pupils and many more.
Life has to go on... so I have to face the fact that now I will share my little experience with the secondary school which I love just the same!


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